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Livelaw | ‘Vakeel Babu’: A Film By Civic Studios, Inspires And Engages Young Lawyers And Students With Screenings At India’s Top Law Schools
Apr 10, 2023
Money Control | Bollywood delays releases, keeps box office under pressure
Jun 05, 2023
ESTD | How can entertainment be a driving force towards creating social change?
Feb 06, 2023
MediaBrief | Anushka Shah, Civic Studios: Entertainment is the best tool to further civic education
May 09, 2023
MediaNews | At Civic Studios we are committed to bringing previously untold stories and good narratives to the forefront: Anushka Shah
Apr 12, 2022
ADgully | Civic Studio’s Latest Series #BreaksTheBias
Mar 17, 2023
Indian Television | “We green-light projects across three aspects – entertainment, engagement, and empowerment”: Civic Studios’ Anushka Shah
Feb 06, 2023
The Leaflet | ‘Vakeel Babu’ offers a timely lesson in public morality
Feb 14, 2023
Youtube | What is Content? Ft. Anushka Shah ( @PocketChangeOfficial ) & Farah Rumaney | #ELI10
Dec 03, 2022
The Tribune | Make way for mini web series ‘Ye Saali Naukri’
Nov 15, 2022
HomeGrown | A Web Series Exploring The Often Toxic Connection Between Career And Identity In India
Nov 11, 2022
Balaji News | ‘Ye Saali Naukri’ By Civic Studios: A Fresh Take On The Scenario Of Unemployment In India, Crosses 1+ Million Views
Nov 10, 2022
Film Companion | Long Story Short: ‘Vakeel Babu’ Practices More than it Preaches
Oct 28, 2022
Animation Express |Civic Studios debuts in animation with feature film ‘Schirkoa’
Sept 14, 2022
Media Brief | Civic Studios forays into animation; announces feature film Schirkoa
Sept 08, 2022
Media Brief | Civic Studio’s Pocket Change announces new mockumentary ‘Blue Collar Files’
Sept 03, 2022
Telegraph India | Abhishek Banerjee’s short film ‘Vakeel Babu’ makes New York Indian Film Festival 2022 cut
May 07, 2022
Outlook India | Abhishek Banerjee’s ‘Vakeel Babu’ Selected For New York Indian Film Festival
May 07, 2022
Adgully | Vakeel Babu by Civic Studios makes it to New York Indian Film Festival 2022
April 26, 2022
Wion | Abhishek Banerjee’s ‘Vakeel Babu’ to premiere at New York Indian Film Festival 2022
April 26, 2022
ABP Live | Abhishek Banerjee’s Short Film ‘Vakeel Babu’ Makes Its Way To New York Indian Film Festival 2022
April 23, 2022
Tribune India | Abhishek Banerjee’s short film ‘Vakeel Babu’ makes it to New York Indian Film Festival 2022
May 07, 2022
Free Press Journal | Abhishek Banerjee’s short film ‘Vakeel Babu’ makes its way to New York Indian Film Festival 2022
April 23, 2022
Bollywood Hungama | Abhishek Banerjee’s short film Vakeel Babu makes its way to New York Indian Film Festival 2022
April 23, 2022
Adgully | Civic Studio’s Latest Series #BreaksTheBias
March 17, 2022
Youth Ki Awaaz | भारतीय संसद और महिलाएं, कब आएगी #NariKiBari
March 08, 2022
Midday | A new Hindi digital channel is using humour to draw our attention to
Feb 27, 2022
Money Control | Pocket Change founder Anushka Shah on democracy, humour
Feb 27, 2022
Logical Indian | Entertainment Meets Awareness! This Mumbai-Based Startup
Feb 25, 2022
eShe | The founder of comedy channel Pocket Change on democracy,
Feb 24, 2022
Youth Ki Awaaz | “यदि आप मतदान नहीं करते हैं, तो आप शिकायत करने का हक खो देते हैं”
January 20, 2022
News Laundry | World Toilet Day: Public toilets and citizens, not a prem katha?
November 19, 2021
Feminism In India | Women’s Reservation Bill, 2008: Kab Aayegi #NariKiBari? Kab Banegi #SabKiSansad?
December 9, 2021
ADR Podcast | Women Representation in Electoral Politics: A lack of political will? – Part 2
November 8, 2021
MIT India | Imagination and Innovation in Storytelling: A conversation with Shekhar Kapur
May 28, 2021
Newslaundry | In a country where two yards distance is not being maintained, why is data privacy important?
June 24, 2021
Newslaundry | How female social media users reacted to Amrita’s decision in Thappad
August 7, 2020
Livemint | Rethinking the angry young cop in Indian cinema
July 13, 2020
The News Minute | ‘We have done injustice by glorifying custodial violence on screen’: Vetrimaaran
July 11, 2020
Lallantop | अगर आपके साथ या आसपास घरेलू हिंसा हो रही है, तो आपको ये वीडियो ज़रूर देखना चाहिए
June 3, 2020
ScoopWhoop | When Home Is Unsafe: This Video Explains How To Help Domestic Violence Victims During Lockdown
May 31, 2020
Firstpost | Crime, courtroom drama in Indian entertainment
January 23, 2020
Film Companion | Crime and Punishment in Indian Entertainment Launch Event Highlights
December 9, 2019
Film Companion | Can Bollywood Cop Movies Influence Real-Life Crimes? A Report Finds Out
November 14, 2019
The Hindu | Analysing reel vs real of crime and punishment
November 10, 2019
The Godrej India Culture Lab | Crime and Punishment in Indian Entertainment
November 8, 2019
The Hindu | Separating the difference between reel and real crime
November 06, 2019
Civic Studios Report | Crime and Punishment in Indian Entertainment
November 1, 2019
MIT Comparative Media Studies Podcast | How Entertainment Can Help Fix the System
October 15, 2019
Radio One | Hrishi K with Anushka Shah, Researcher MIT Media Lab on ‘Civic Studios’ & ‘Media Cloud’ projects
August 6, 2019
Twitter | Delhi Crime Twitter Chat
May 8, 2019
Film Companion | How Delhi Crime Gave Audiences A Chance To Reimagine The Police Force
May 6, 2019
IDR | Seven ways to create entertainment with impact
March 14, 2019
Henry Jenkins Podcast, USC | Anushka Shah on Civic Entertainment
September 29, 2018
The Hindu| Ways of seeing entertainment
August 9, 2018
Midday | A Studio that is seriously entertaining
July 31, 2018
The Wire | Vigilantism and Mob Justice Are Glorified by Bollywood and That Is a Big Problem
July 18, 2017


क्योंकि हर एक वोट ज़रूरी होता है।

क्योंकि हर एक वोट ज़रूरी होता है।

"हम मतदाता जिम्मेदार। डालें वोट सभी नर-नार।।"   आने वाले दिनों में भारत के 5 राज्यों यूपी-पंजाब-उत्तराखंड-गोवा और मणिपुर में चुनाव होने जा रहे हैं। हर पांच साल में वोट आते हैं। चुनाव के दिनों...

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देश का संविधान और भारतीय युवा

देश का संविधान और भारतीय युवा

ताकतवर बहुत है यह गणतंत्र I बदल देता है यह राज्य तंत्र I कमजोर नहीं शक्तिशाली है यह , है सत्ता परिवर्तन का सहज यह मंत्र। 29 राज्यों और 130 करोड़ से ज़्यादा की आबादी, और आधिकारिक रूप से 22 भाषाओं और...

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How Entertainment Influences Us

How Entertainment Influences Us

We know that emotion, drama, and humor play a vital role in allowing people to be engaged with a character or story. But shows with the ‘Sabido methodology’ are not those that merely...

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A Case For Civic Entertainment

A Case For Civic Entertainment

We live in an age where globally, on average, we have more democracy and more power to participate in change than before – teaching civics through entertainment could help us realize...

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