As a response to the rising domestic violence against women during the COVID-19 lockdown, we made a video titled “13 Ways To Deal With Domestic Violence in a Lockdown” containing practical steps for domestic violence survivors and bystanders. (Watch here)

Written by: Civic Studios Team

This page is a collation of existing support resources that are available for victims of domestic violence, people who are witnessing violence around them, or those who wish to educate themselves on how they can help on this issue. It contains a curated list of helpline numbers run by credible organizations working to prevent gender-based violence from across the country. They can assist in reporting complaints, counselling (psycho-social-legal), referral to services like police, shelter homes, and lawyers, and developing safety plans for crisis situations. At the end of the page, you will also find additional resources and guides which contain useful information on taking action against domestic violence.



Type of service


Action India – Enhancing participation of women as citizens

Legal counselling


Aks Foundation – preventing gender-based violence (Mumbai)

Counselling, legal consultation, emotional support, financial assistance


CEHAT – strengthening
people’s health movements (Mumbai)

24×7 Crisis intervention helpline, reporting domestic violence cases


Centre for Social Research – grassroots level capacity development of women and girls (New Delhi)

Crisis intervention helpline, counselling, reporting domestic violence

Kamlesh Premji: +91-9810999398
Rakhi Sharma: +91-9213732208

City Core Group – (Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative) – prevention of violence against women networkig between human rights activists, communities and police (Mumbai)


Dolphy D’souza: +91-9833884227
Donita Quadros: +91-9004000980

Dilaasa Centres – support centre for comprehensive medical counselling to domestic violence survivors – managed by CEHAT (Mumbai)

Medical Counselling

Most of the centers are open by 9/ 9:30 am closed by 2 pm because they have to catch the bus arranged by the hospital for their return journey.
Some centers are open till 3:30 to 4 pm.



Bandra Bhabha Hospital

Chitra: +91-9820636793

Kurla Bhabha Hospital

Sanjana: +91-8108377171

V.N.Desai Hospital

Archana: +91-9969130684

Chaitanya Kumari: +91-9892929887

Cooper Hospital

Ashalata: +91-9322010295

Neeta: +91-9623588262/ +91-7820819253

H. B. T. Trauma Hospital


Nitisha: +91-7506363046

Sidharth / Kasturba Hospital

Kavita Rane: +91-9867772687

Kavita Shirsat: +91-7045061877

M.W. D. hospital

Jyoti: +91-9821238244

Sangeeta: +91-7715011090

B D B A Hospital

Suman: +91-8779427938/ +91-8108816419

Manisha: +91-8452965272

Govandi Shatabdi Hospital

Ashwini: +91-9970699072/ +91-7977169183

Nilesh: +91-9823502384

M.T. Agarwal Hospital

Smita Desai: +91-7709262259

Datta Jadhav: +91-9422483513

S.V.D. Savarkar Hospital

Smita: +91-9819624603

Varsha: +91-8355942046

Rajawadi Hospital

Shirish: +91-7021769643/ +91-8828565453

Avinash: +91-9765989162

K. M.J. Phule Hospital

Vanita: +91-8779796389

Alpesh: +91-9158939213

FemJustice Legal Aid Helpline – improve existing legal systems and alternative pathways to access justice for women

Legal Counselling


Monday-Wednesday 12-2 pm

Thursday-Friday 2- 4 pm

Jagori– advocacy for women’s rights, gender equality and feminist issues (New Delhi)

Psychosocial Counselling


Monday-Saturday 9.30 am – 5.30 pm

MyChoices Foundation – prevention of domestic violence and human trafficking (Hyderabad)

Counselling, legal support, reporting domestic violence cases

1800 419 8588

National Commission for Women – working for women empowerment (New Delhi)

Reporting domestic violence

+91-7217735372 (Whatsapp only)

Nazariya – prevention of LBT violence (New Delhi)



PCVC – support centre for women and queer individuals facing domestic and interpersonal violence (Chennai)

Crisis intervention helpline

1800 102 7282

Purva Bharti Education Trust – Women in Governance Wing
(Assam) –

Legal and medical counselling


Shakti Shalini – women’s shelter and gender-based violence intervention centre (New Delhi)

Counselling, reporting domestic violence


SNEHA – improving public health systems for vulnerable women and children (Mumbai)

Crisis intervention helpline


Swayam – ending violence against women and children (Kolkata)



10 am – 2 pm


10 am – 6 pm


‘iCall’ Multilingual Helpline, managed by TISS (Mumbai)



Monday-Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

‘Maala Bolaayche Aahe, managed by VAW Cell (Pune)

Referrals to support services


TISS – Special Cell to address violence against women and children (Mumbai)

Crisis intervention helpline






+91-8709155739 (Gaya)

+91-8210933839 (Kishanganj)

+91-8651541804 (Darbhanga)

+91-6201227299 (Motihari)

+91-8825328116 (Bhagalpur)




+91-8280307500 (Balasore)

+91-8917684112 (Rourkela)

Madhya Pradesh

+91-7587610402 (Bhopal)

+91-7587610399 (Gwalior)

+91-7587610400 (Indore)

+91-7587610406 (Jabalpur)

+91-7587610409 (Sagar)


+91-8076028770 (SAS Nagar Mohali)

+91-7906748409 (Amritsar)

+91-8968067847 (Ludhiana)

Tamil Nadu

+91-9498336002 (Chennai)

+91-9446093055 (Salem)

+91-7708346858 (Madurai)

+91-9894743497 (Tirunelveli)

URI – working on community building across religions, and assisting religious minorities like Muslims

Crisis Counselling


Additional Resources

Chayn – A crowd-sourced website that serves as a one stop shop for victims of domestic violence as well as bystanders on the issue, its impact, practical advice, and more. Supporting survivors of domestic violence during Covid 19 | One Future Collective – A guide that covers the laws around domestic violence, different ways bystanders can support victims, role of key stakeholders like lawyers, medical professionals, govt. bodies, and more. Oxfam India State-wise Helpline Database – Further helpline numbers from across the country providing support services to domestic violence victims and bystanders National Commission of Women (NCW) Helpline Database – Helpline numbers listed by NCW offering crisis intervention, psycho-legal-medical counselling and reporting domestic violence Stand up against violence – A website maintained by Mumbai-based Akshara, which contains information on the issue, possible steps of action, and a resource page to find state-wise contacts for support organisations providing a multitude of services from crisis intervention to counselling