Short Form

With 105,000 followers and counting, Civic Studios Instagram is a thriving community for film enthusiasts, industry voices and young Indians who care about the intersection of pop culture and social impact. Our popular weekly series ‘Pop Culture Patrol’ with Sucharita Tyagi shares interesting trivia on pop culture trends, and we create exciting, impactful collaborations with reputed NGOs and brands using the lens of pop culture.


A weekly reel series in collaboration with popular film critic Sucharita Tyagi, where we share 1 minute hot takes on pop-culture trends, new and old Indian cinema, and its epochal moments through a social and civic lens.


From uncovering the story behind Jhumka Gira Re, to decoding the relationship between Tamil Nadu cinema and politics, our CS Originals reels are bite-sized, research-proofed nuggets that tells us more about what makes it to our screens, our country and ourselves


Don’t know which meaningful movies to watch this weekend? Worry not! Because we have the best curations of the mainstream hits, and the underground cult classics. Filmographies of ground-breaking directors, iconic films that failed at the box office, films with sensitively written male characters, best regional collections, and much more! Curated by the Civic Studios team, and more often than not, our audience!


How Doordarshan’s progressive television shaped us 90s kids? Which was the funniest dark comedy in Indian cinema history? Which movie talked about the rights of sex workers way back in the 80s? CS deep dives are all about deconstructing one single piece of work to discover the impact it had on the Indian audience!


A painfully created repository of interviews, movie scenes, and other media that leave a mark on you and helps you grow as a person! A movie scene that stayed with us, a byte of an actor on what it means to be sensitive , an old international debate, India’s first tryst with space, etc. There is something for everyone!

Our Collaborations

Civic Studios x Pocket Aces

Pocket Change is a digital brand developed by Civic Studios that creates short form, Hindi, comedy content on social and civic issues that are important to young Indians. We have partnered with Pocket Aces, a digital entertainment company, that will now host Pocket Change under their umbrella of short form content brands. Check this space for more updates!


We collaborated with Jhatkaa, an established campaigning & advocacy organization working at grassroots levels, to create short form content using a pop culture lens that drives signatures on their petitions on clean air in Mumbai, creating safe cycling lanes for Mumbai’s iconic Dabbawalas, unrealistic beauty standards, and more!


With a combined audience of more than four hundred thousand people, CS x IFP is an all-star collab where we talk about key people, movies, serials, and web-series that are part of public memory!