At Civic Studios, we research and produce civic entertainment


Civic entertainment is defined as the genre of stories

in film, television, radio, literature, or digital content

that inspires civic engagement.


MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA

Research @MIT Media Lab

The Civic Entertainment research project at the Center for Civic Media, MIT Media Lab studies models of democratic participation, develops frameworks around citizen engagement, and explores the ways in which entertainment can create thought and behavior-change. 


Content Production

Civic Studios is a Mumbai-based production firm that supports and creates Civic Entertainment content for Bollywood, Indian television, digital platforms such as Indian YouTube channels, social media pages, and news and entertainment websites.

Research Streams


  • Developing frameworks of civic engagement and the cost and consequence of participation
  • Understanding the power of fiction media towards creating thought and behavior-change
  • Creating case studies of past and current civic entertainment film and television shows from around the world
  • Studying the representation of protest and activism in the news and in popular culture


The research has a special focus on civic entertainment in India and will additionally include:

  • Researching models of modern day civic participation in India
  • Exploring representation of civic, social, and political change in Bollywood and other Indian entertainment


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Civic Studios is a production firm based in Mumbai


The studio offers financial, research, and creative support for film, television, radio, and digital content in the space of civic entertainment. 


Such civic entertainment content may contain narratives that create knowledge around civic and public institutions, strategies to engage with political or government actors, examples of collective action and mobilization, and the representation and experience of minorities.


The studio projects primarily address issues of public importance in India.

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If you're interested in our research at the Media Lab, keen on partnering with us for a study, want to send our Mumbai-based production firm a content idea or submission, or just want to talk to us about civic entertainment, we would love to hear from you!

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