Studio Productions

At Civic Studios, we create original content
as well as offer financial, research, and creative
support for stories in the space of civic entertainment.

Our Production Process

Secondary & Primary Research
Message Design
Concept & Scripting
Production & Distribution
Campaign & Advocacy

Long Form Productions

Accessing Justice against Domestic Violence

As part of our first series of original productions, we are developing long form fiction content & campaigns aimed at women survivors of domestic violence. The vision is to tell stories on the diverse journeys of women as they access justice against domestic violence. This includes the challenges to taking action, the triggers and motivations, and most importantly, the successful strategies based on our on-ground research to help stop the abuse.



Released in India in 2017, ‘An Insignificant Man’ is a docu-drama that documents the story of political leader Arvind Kejriwal and the transition of an activist movement to the Aam Aadmi Party. Civic Studios contributed to the film’s production by providing a research grant for production and post-production.

Watch the film here


‘Consti-tuition’ is a YouTube show produced by Newslaundry focused on educating citizens on parliamentary procedures and constitutional knowledge in a fun, entertaining way. Civic Studios co-produced the show’s second season in early 2019, providing a grant as well as audience research insights.

Watch the second season here

Short Form Productions

Delivering Justice against Domestic Violence

With an intent to address implementation of laws and policies against domestic violence, we are developing original short form fiction and non fiction content aimed at the legal community. Through easy-to-consume, relatable and peer-driven narratives, we are working on amplifying best practices that will help lawyers and judges provide timely and effective justice to women survivors.


13 ways to deal with domestic violence in a lockdown

13 Ways to Deal with Domestic Violence in a Lockdown

As a response to the rising cases of domestic violence in the Covid lock-down, we spoke to on-ground experts to uncover ways to move beyond the problem. The result was a video that curated practical solutions for people facing abuse as well as bystanders including friends, chemists, and building societies.

Watch Here

Policing It Right

Amidst the global Covid 19 crisis, we partnered with Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) to bring together senior police officials to share essential tips with their fellow colleagues on #PolicingItRight during the pandemic. The video is based on CHRI’s ‘Respecting Human Rights While Enforcing the Lockdown: Guidelines for the Police’ to help assist the police departments in implementing the lockdown.

Watch Here

Policing during a Pandemic

In this battle against the Covid-19 pandemic that struck in early 2020, India’s police and security personnel serve as important frontline fighters. We teamed up with the Indian Police Foundation to create a video for the forces on best practices for safety and policing during this period. We took the help of iconic Bollywood police officer characters to provide the precautions in a unique filmy fashion.

Watch Here

CAA/NRC: Behind the scenes opinions of the Indian police

During the CAA-NRC protests that unleashed across India in December 2019, there was a lot of critique on the police violence in this period. Prior to the Delhi state elections, we spoke to 7 police officers in Delhi and Mumbai to understand their opinion on what went wrong, the internal problems they face, and the kinds of reform needed in the force. It was distributed through Lallantop, a leading Hindi news channel on Youtube.

Watch the English version here
Watch the Hindi version here