Media Research fellowship 

Fellowship overview

Title: Media research fellow

Location: Civic Studios office (BKC, Mumbai, India)

Work flexibility: Office and/or remote

Start-date: Immediate

Appointment duration: 4 months

Commitment type: Full-time

Fellowship type: Paid position


Fellowship description

We are looking for a media researcher who can work on the following:

1)    Develop and execute a research plan to analyse civic entertainment stories in Indian content across OTT platforms, TV and Cinema. Within civic entertainment, the focus will be to analyse the representation of legal and police institutions specifically. 

 This process will involve but not be limited to developing a representative sample set, consuming the content, analysing the content via relevant qualitative and quantitative research methods like content analysis, semiotics, discourse analysis, visual and audio coding, and reviewing any secondary material published on the content.  

2)    Develop a robust criterion for critiquing the content with the use of appropriate media analysis methodologies, frameworks, etc.

The analysis will cover but not be limited to differences across medium, format, genre, length, theme, key human insight(s), characters, narratives, language, visual and audio grammar, and tone.

3)    Create a research report that identifies trends in representation of police and legal institutions within mainstream media

The research insights will inform the creative strategy of Civic Studios productions going forward. 

They will be launched in a public event towards the end of 2019, and will also be disseminated with key media publication from the entertainment, development and culture space. The fellow will play a lead role in curating this event with an event management partner.


Role Requirements

1.     A minimum of 2 years work experience

2.     Academic qualification/ demonstrated experience with media critique, media research (visual semiotics, discourse analysis, content analysis, etc.)

3.     Passionate about consuming and dissecting media and popular culture, staying abreast with trends, etc.  

4.     Excellent written and communication skills

5.     Proficiency with English and Hindi language (spoken and written)

6.     Ability to work within a start up environment

7.     Must be self-managed, independent, and driven about task planning and execution

8.     Willingness to work on event curation for report launch

9.     Familiarity or understanding of the country’s legal and criminal system is an added benefit.

All roles at Civic Studios require an interest in civic engagement and participative democracy.


Submitting an Application

Please send the following details to hello@civicstudios.com by 20th June 2019.

(A) A copy of your resume

(B) An existing writing sample focused on media analysis (this could be in any format you think suitably indicates your writing ability e.g. research note, academic paper, journal article, blog post, etc.).

(C) Please answer the following questions using anywhere between a few sentences to one paragraph for each

  1. Tell us about an Indian film, TV show, or web series that you thought had interesting representation of legal, criminal, or police themes and why.

  2. How do you think media representation affects our perception towards government and public institutions?

  3. Tell us if there are any upcoming Indian TV show or web series or film that you are looking forward to, and why.

  4. Please tell us one strength and one weakness you see in the idea of Civic Entertainment, and what you think could be done to address the observed weakness.

    Research Internship

    Internship Overview

    Title: Research Intern

    Location: Civic Studios office (BKC, Mumbai, India)

    Internship Location: Mumbai office with extensive outstation travel

    Start-date: Immediate

    Appointment Duration: Minimum six weeks and maximum four months based on your availability

    Commitment Type: Full-time

    Type: Paid

    Internship Responsibilities

    The first Civic Studios production is focused on improving access to the legal system for women facing violence within the home. To this end, we are currently in the process of conducting primary and secondary research, the output for which will inform our creative production, story concepts and script writing.

    We are looking for two research interns to participate in the qualitative research phase of Civic Studios’ first production. Interns will work with the Civic Studios Research Manager, to help with the implementation of research and compilation of findings. The role will be a combination of desk based research and field work across two states in India. Internship responsibilities will include but not be limited to:   

    1)     Reviewing desk research and condensing existing literature into research matrices

    2)     Helping the team with execution of group activities in the field

    3)     Conducting brief one-on-one surveys with participants

    4)     Capturing visual data in the form of photos and videos

    5)     Gathering and compiling extensive participant and field observations

    6)     Creating systems for indexing and organizing data being collected through primary research

    7)     Assisting the team with analysing primary and secondary data


    Preferred Attributes

    ●      Currently pursuing or completed Bachelors’ degree. We encourage people from all educational backgrounds and work experiences to apply

    ●      Interest in creating social impact

    ●      Keenness to learn and gain an in-depth understanding of research methodologies and implementation

    ●      Ability to be self-managed, independent, proactive about juggling multiple tasks and getting the job done

    ●      Strong communication skills

    ●      Proficiency with English and Hindi language (spoken and written). The ability to converse is Marathi is a bonus

    ●      Comfortable with traveling extensively across states

    ●      A flair for photography and videography


    Opportunities to learn

    ●      See the end-to-end of a research project, under the guidance of experienced professionals

    ●      Get rigorous on-ground planning & execution work experience in a supportive, challenging environment

    ●      Excavate research findings that will find their way to a real-life film/web series production

    ●      Contribute to projects that are intended at creating social impact via media for change

    ●      Experience working in a start-up environment

    If that sounds like you, get in touch!

    Send the following to hello@civicstudios.com by Mon 24th June 2019 

    (A) A copy of your resume

    (B) Please answer the following questions using anywhere between a few sentences to one paragraph for each

    1.     Why does this internship excite you?

    2.     Imagine you are interviewing a 20 year old woman at her home in Nagpur, Maharashtra. You are asking the women about her ideas of marriage, but she is being very hesitant and brief in her responses.

    ○      Why do you think she might be being hesitant?

    ○      What could you do in this situation?

    3.     Please tell us one strength and one weakness you see in the idea of Civic Entertainment, and what you think could be done to address the observed weakness.

    4.     Tell us any 3 questions that you might have for us!