Research Manager

Location: Civic Studios office (BKC, Mumbai, India) | Work flexibility: Office and/ or remote | Start-date: Immediate | Appointment duration: Minimum 1 year | Commitment type: Full-time

Role Description

The Research Manager’s role will include, but not be limited to the following areas of work:

1. Project specific research: Content developed at Civic Studios focuses on various social and civic issues. In order to understand the issue of concern, the company first undertakes an intense process of primary and secondary research. This process involves desk research and literature reviews, communicating with and interviewing activists, non-profits, advocacy organizations and sector experts, and studying communities and stakeholders involved in the issue via quantitative and qualitative research methods.

The output of this investigation is a research brief which feeds into the development of the company’s creative content and story narratives, as well as is shared and documented within a broader academic and research community. The Research Manager’s role will involve leading and managing this process, innovating new and experimental research methodologies, conducting qualitative and quantitative research, working closely with the creative team to monitor message translation within content, and working with a larger community of academics and researchers related to the issue area.

2. Civic engagement research: In addition to on-going content projects, Civic Studios also works on internal and external research projects to do with citizen engagement and civic participation in India. The Research Manager’s role involves leading such projects both in terms of design, implementation, and dissemination.

3. Community-building: The role additionally requires building a community around the concepts of Civic Entertainment in India. This involves maintaining a knowledge database and network of research organizations and individuals across issue-areas and geographies (this includes working with the MIT Media Lab’s larger academic and research community).

4. Managing a team: The Research Manager will be given the responsibility to create and lead their own team as and when required for the above tasks.

Required Qualifications/ Experience

The applicant’s past experience and skills must include:

A minimum of five years of work experience

A background in the social/ development sector in India

Expertise in qualitative research methods such as focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, and ethnographic research

Expertise in quantitative research methods such as survey design and implementation, online panels, etc.

Familiarity and experience with studying online and social media analytics

Familiarity and experience with design thinking for research planning and implementation

Skill and creativity at sourcing and consolidating secondary research via desk research, literature reviews, and expert/ stakeholders interviews

Excellent written and communication skills (written and spoken English and Hindi is a must for this role)

Ability to work within a start-up environment

Must be self-managed, independent, and driven about task planning and execution

All roles at Civic Studios require an interest in civic engagement and participative democracy.

Submitting an Application

Please send the following details to anushkas@media.mit.edu.

(A) A copy of your resume

(B) An existing writing sample (this could be in any format you think suitably indicates your writing ability e.g. research note, academic paper, journal article, blog post, etc.).

(C) Please answer the following questions using anywhere between a few sentences to one paragraph for each.

1. Please describe why this role interests you personally/ professionally.

2. What are the top three things you think you can contribute to the work in terms of experience or skills? What skills would you like to further learn through this job that you don’t already possess?

3. Please tell us one strength and one weakness you see in the idea of Civic Entertainment, and what you think could be done to address the observed weakness.

4. Please indicate your expected monthly remuneration pre-tax.

For any questions please contact Anushka Shah at anushkas@media.mit.edu.


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