Our Vision

Civic Studios is based in Mumbai, India and was incubated at the MIT Media Lab, USA.

Democracies function well when citizens and government work together. Like any good relationship, this depends on mutual trust, empathy, and participation.

We believe the media is an important part of this bond. Not just in carrying information too and fro, but in representing perspectives, problems, and possible solutions.

We’re particularly driven by the power of entertainment. A good story and set of characters can bring attention to ignored issues, create awareness of rights and duties, and model exemplary actions to help ‘fix-the-system’.

Through our research and media production here at Civic Studios, we aim to build bridges between citizens, government and public institutions, and in turn help strengthen the democracies we live in.

Our Work


We create stories about citizen engagement, public institutions reform, and ways to strengthen democracy at large. Our formats vary across short and long-form fiction and creative non-fiction, in mediums such as films, web-series, TV, radio, and digital media.

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We conduct in-depth research into specific social and civic issues for creative content development. We also study representation of civics in popular entertainment, conduct media impact evaluations, and engage with the creative industry on ideas of civic entertainment.

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Press & Publications

Civic Studios Report: Crime and Punishment in Indian Entertainment
November 1, 2019
Flim Companion: Crime and Punishment in Indian Entertainment
December 9, 2019
Firstpost: Crime, courtroom drama in Indian entertainment
January 23, 2020
IDR: Seven ways to create entertainment with impact
March 14, 2019
Radio One: Hrishi K with Anushka Shah-Researcher MIT MediaLab on ‘Civic Studios’ & ‘Media Cloud’ projects
October 15, 2019
The Hindu: Ways of seeing entertainment
August 09, 2018

Our Team

Content Manager
Research Manager
Creative Producer
Researcher, Law & Media
Advisor, MIT Media Lab
Impact Producer

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