Task for Video Anchor

You will be given a topic and a research material for a topic of national importance. You are also provided a brief for the series and a personality of the anchor. Your task will be to do the following:

  • Write a script for an episode based on the subject for a video that will be max. 5 minutes long
  • Give the episode a title, as well as give yourself an anchor name
  • Present the script you have written in a video recording of yourself
  • Share the script as well as the video recording with us
Show concept

The property will be a Hindi, news-based series, where we intend to do a deep dive into a news topic that is trending around the country, and is relevant to everyday citizens. The topic will be broken down and explained in a manner that is easy for any layperson to understand, and engaging enough to make them enjoy the entire video. The video will be peppered with witty commentary and humorous observations related to the topic and related conversations.

The Host personality

The anchor is a chill and fun person. They love to give gyaan and know that no person wants to take it. So they make it fun and easy for people to understand. They are pro – democracy. Of the people. For the people. By the people.

Episode structure
  • Open with an intro and give a short monologue about the show in your own words (keep it fun and enthusiastic.) End it with a segway to the topic
  • Cover the topic in a concise and engaging manner
  • Signing off note
Episode Topic

Balika aaj bhi vadhu kyun ban rahi hain?

Research material

Why do child marriages still take place in India?

  • What is a child marriage?
    According to Indian law, in a marriage where either the woman is below the age of 18 or
    the man is below the age of 21 can be called as a child marriage.
  • Child marriages are not legal in india. The groom, the person who conducts the marriage (Pundit) and whoever permits or promotes it are punishable with imprisonment or with fine or both.
  • Governments however have made it mandatory for all marriages to be registered even if it is a child marriage. It is done so that the government can get a record that a marriage has taken place. This will also make it easy for the government to make the registered child marriages void.
  • In case the bride and groom want to annul it once they become adults, they have proof of it as the marriage registration certificate. Plus this will also let the bride access the benefits of the Govt. Schemes and their offspring can get legal rights in case of any issues.
  • Haryana and Karnataka state have declared all the child marriages void. But, did that improve the condition? No.
    Karnataka reports more child marriages than any other state: 51 cases in 2016, 65 in
    2017, and 73 in 2018. Haryana also shows similar reports.
  • Then why is the issue not getting resolved? Why are people marrying off their girl child early?
    Lack of education, opportunities and women’s safety are some of the reasons people marry off their daughters sooner. According to experts, there must be provision of education, special livelihood training, safety, empowerment programmes and other opportunities for girls that offer viable social and economic options outside of marriage.
  • What can a citizen do to help?
    -By helping in whatever ways towards child education. Be it giving used books or contributing to their education though any little means possible.
    -Making an ensuring safe workplace for women – why would a person come out if it isn’t safe?
    -Encouraging and sharing with the people in the surrounding about any empowerment programmes you feel they can be a part of.