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Pocket Change

Pocket Change is our all-new Hindi digital comedy channel that creates relatable, short form, comedy content for young Indians with civic engagement at its heart. The channel uses humour to empower young Indians on topics like laws, policy, governance and policing.

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YouTube Series

A police thana and its four mid and low level police officers, a middle-class inter-faith family of four, a news-anchor who moderates panelists with great difficulty while discussing both important and ridiculous topics! Check out our many YouTube series. And of course, there’s more to come!

Family Dinner

Meet the Dayals – an average middle class family living in the small town of Faridabad. The parents, Asmaa and Arvind, and the kids, Ananya and Aryan. At least one meal of the day together is the deal – NO MATTER WHAT. These dinner table chats are filled with a little awkwardness, some fights, and a lot of love. Their idiosyncrasies and opinions create conflict and humour, but the Dayals always talk it out, for better or for worse.

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Bharat Nagar Diaries

Set inside a small police station in a small town, this is the story of four junior rank cops and the ups and downs of their days in the Bharat Nagar Thana. The central characters are a complimentary mix of different personalities – ASI Asif – the man of mischief, ASI Laxmi – the stickler for rules, Constable Jai Prakash – the idealist noob, and Head Constable Dahiya Ji – the experienced cynic. Together, they go through their days dealing with institutional problems, citizens’ woes and the rights and wrongs of their own work, with a big dose of humour and sometimes, drama.

Watch Season 1 here!

Gyaan Mein Lele – Parody News Debate

Our news anchor Ramanpreet Uddin Andre loves to stir the pot of controversy and discuss searing issues with relevant panelists! In his news debate show Gyaan Mein Lele, we see him discussing issues from climate change, data privacy, and Corona to the importance of English language, Biryani, and marriage.

Watch Season 1 here!

Pocket Change Shorts

Pocket Change Shorts is a series of comedy sketches in which we tackle important issues in a funny way. We could be inside a fake news company, or a Bade Boss house, we could be watching a Hunt For The Serial Killer, or watching India’s Got Tenants. Check out this assortment of satire and comedy where we take on the burning civic and social issues!

Pocket-sized Change

A music video on Public Toilets, a mockumentary on a silent killer on the road, a reality show on tenant rights, Pocket-sized Change has it all to create chhota chhota magar mota change!

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Chillar Content

Planets celebrating Earth’s birthday party, a debate on whether veg biryani is truly biryani, and a mockumentary on a meme de-addiction centre, Chillar Content is here to entertain.

Watch the paisa-vasool content here!

Digital Khiladi

A story of a tweet that went viral, a debate on online data privacy, a step-by-step guide to become an influencer, Digital Khiladi is all things internet, all things social media.

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Just For Feels

Can you kiss your partner in public? Is the police officer ever off-duty? What even is cock-tail Diwali? These episodes are, as the title suggests, for feels! Beware of goosebumps and lump in throats.

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