Project description

Our first Civic Studios production is around the ‘Implementation of Gender Laws in India’, with specific
focus on ‘Access to Justice against Domestic Violence’ through the Domestic Violence Act 2005.
After 6 months of extensive research, we aim to create fiction video content targeted towards women
as well as institutional workers (police, lawyers, judges, protection officers), that will be engaging to
watch AND improve access to justice through smooth implementation of the law.
This could be in long form formats such as web – series, but also short form content such as short films
and social media content.


Role description

We are looking for a Creative Producer who is driven to execute our production(s) from inception to
release, and create the foundation of the genre of ‘civic entertainment’ in India.

  1. Lead the full life-cycle of our production(s), including creative development, scripting and
  2. Be responsible for engaging & managing the production crew (assistant producer, pre and post
    crew, etc), core creative team (writer, director, editor, etc.), and oversee talent management
    for our production(s)
  3. Develop and finalize content strategy basis audience insights and project research along with
    the Content Manager, and create pipeline of creative concepts across formats (web-series,
    short film, short form, etc.) along with core creative team. This can include working with
    existing mainstream media creators from TV and film space as well
  4. Work with the Content Manager and Research Manager to ensure that the content is reflecting
    research insights and audience’s perspective, and being designed for the specific desired
    impact for that project right from concept to storyboard stages
  5. Responsible for timeline, budgeting and resource allocation, and liaising with the core
    leadership team
  6. Develop project strategy for distribution, pitching to media platforms, corporates and funders,
    and PR/marketing, alongside the core leadership team
  7. Deliver production efficiencies and responsible production ethics through best practices and
    creative, innovative work processes


Role Requirements
  • Producer with 7-10 years of proven work experience in film and digital media industry
    (mainstream media preferred). Experience in TV industry OR development communications is
  • Proven experience in long form and short form formats across narrative fiction and non-fiction.
    Should have at least 1-2 long form pieces (series, film) out in the public domain either as an
    independent consultant/producer, or in a studio, or as part of a media company
  • Skilled in development, production, and pitching to OTT platforms
  • Strong network in production (production houses, casting directors and other production
    partners), creative (writers, directors, etc.) and distribution (streaming platforms)
  • Excited by the creative journey of storytelling, but with a deep understanding of what it takes
    for practical, efficient, technical execution
  • Strong knowledge of deal structures, rights, and talent negotiations, and project management
    for PR/marketing campaigns
  • An adaptive, flexible, dynamic working style, that can deliver high quality content with a range
    of budgets, team sizes and timelines
  • A multi-tasker who is an independent decision-maker, but can also delegate and collaborate;
    good communication skills and ‘doer’ attitude to keep team motivated and share learnings
  • Must be bilingual (Hindi/English)
  • Excited by the opportunity to leverage entertainment media to deliver messaging around civic
    engagement at scale

All roles at Civic Studios require an interest in civic engagement and participative democracy.


Submitting an Application

Please send the following details to by 20th January 2020.
(A) A copy of your resume and creative portfolio
(B) Please answer the following 3 questions using anywhere between a few sentences to one paragraph
for each:

  1. Tell us about an Indian film, TV show, or web series that you thought had interesting
    representation of legal, criminal, or police themes and why.
  2. Tell us about 1 production you have worked on in the last year that you enjoyed doing the most
    or least, and why.
  3. Please tell us one strength and one weakness you see in the idea of Civic Entertainment, and
    what you think could be done to address the observed weakness.
Job Type: Basis Availability Full Time Part Time
Job Location: BKC Corporate Office India Mumbai

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