“Democracy is not a spectator sport”.

Civic Studios tells stories in the genre of ‘Civic Entertainment’, i.e. stories of citizens actively participating to ‘fix the system’ & strengthen democracy. We create fiction & non-fiction content that entertains, and inspires an action-oriented civic culture.

Civic Studios is based in Mumbai, India and was incubated at the MIT Media Lab, USA under the Civic Entertainment research project. In addition to content production, we also carry out research on citizen engagement, public institutions, and media impact.


Project description

Our current thematic focus at Civic Studios is on the ‘Implementation of Gender Laws in India’, with a specific focus on access to justice through the Domestic Violence Act 2005.

After 6 months of extensive research on the subject, we now aim to create fiction video content targeted towards women as well as institutional workers (police, lawyers, judges, protection officers), that will be engaging to watch AND improve access to justice through smooth implementation of the law.

This will be in long form formats (web – series), and also short form formats (short films and social media content).
The goal is to use media to improve the implementation of the law by increasing awareness in the intended users, as well as capacity-building of public institutions to improve the implementation from within the system.


Roles description

We are also looking for creative consultants who can drive the creative conceptualization process from putting together the right mix of writers, to developing character sketches and plot lines from the research insights. Requirements: You should have at least 3-4 years experience in writing across diverse formats and genres, with at least 2 long form pieces OR 4-5 short form pieces out in the public domain. If you have experience in conducting writer’s workshops or working in writer’s rooms, we would like to hear about that too!

We will be offering a development fee as required.


Submitting an Application

Please send the following details to hello@civicstudios.com by 20 February 2020.
(A) A copy of your resume and creative portfolio
(B) Any 1 fiction screenwriting sample
(C) Please answer the following 2 questions using anywhere between a few sentences to one paragraph for each:
1. Tell us about film, TV show or web series (Indian or international) based on the police or judiciary, where you thought the writing was noteworthy, and why.
2. Tell us what about this opportunity interests you.

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